Imprinting Effects


100% Dishwasher Safe

Don’t throw your money away with printing that washes off. Our printing is 100% permanent and will never fade, wash or scratch off.


Multi-Colour And 4-Colour Process

We are capable of printing an unlimited amount of colours with precise registration and halftones.


White Backing

No Extra Charge for White Backing Behind Logo when Printing on Coloured mugs (When Needed). We only charge for colours you can actually see.

Dar-Mar is the leader in custom imprinting on any ceramic, glassware and chinaware. We handle all imprinting in-house, minimizing turnaround times and ensuring the highest quality products. Contact us now to learn more about our custom imprinting options for your next promotion.

Our types of imprinting include:

  • One-colour printing
  • Multi-colour printing
  • 4-colour process printing
  • Colour base (glassware)
  • Personalization
  • Satin Etch / Frost
  • Printing on Handles
  • Print on Glass Bottom
  • Print on Ceramic Bottom
  • Precious Metal Foil Transfer
  • Gold Halo
  • Iridescent Colours (Microwavable)

Our In-House Stock Inks

Samples of our imprinting techniques:

Click each or slide left and right to view all samples.